Jul. 16th, 2009

tangerine: (willa / everybody's gonna love today)
mmmmRegina Spektor.

You know, I kind of like her more with each album she releases. I'm not too fond of stuff before Begin to Hope even though I've listened to it enough to know it by heart, but Far is so far just. Awesome. More melodious and sing-a-longable than her earlier stuff. I approve.

And I really needed something new to listen to.

I've been trying out Wimp, and so far it's nice but it's still lacking in the music I want to listen to that's being released in, say, the USA, but not here yet. Which really kind of sucks. If anyone has that A Fine Frenzy single that came out a few days ago, I'd really appreciate if you could send it my way. ♥ >_>

Silicone baking cups and muffin pan get. Next day it rains, I know what I'll be doing.


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