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When I woke up this morning, there was snow outside on the roses. And now it's just bucketing down. Depressedface.

Anyway. Regina Spektor is playing at Rockefeller December 10 and I'm trying to find someone to go with, though no one has actually replied to me yet. :EEEE It's actually the day before my last exam but I figure by then I've studied enough and I need some sort of break and unwind before my exam anyway? And it's Regina. Aaaah.

Though I definitely am going to see Mika in March with Hung (and possibly Yan if she gets back to me).

Now I'll just sit here and be bored.
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If this hadn't been in December, the month in which I have three exams and am starting a permanent job, I would have coughed up the airfare.



it's all a blur

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